Power Outage Appreciation

Stroud Community Lodge would like to acknowledge the following for their assistance and support during a recent planned power outage.

Last month Essential Energy informed us that we would be having a power outage for a day, and as the weather was to be warm, we felt that we had no option but to get a generator for the day. This was going to be expensive, so we approached Essential Energy and they gratefully agreed to pay for a generator to keep our residents medical equipment operating and help keep cool. Without Essential Energy’s support, we would not have been able to provide this for our residents.

We would also like to thank Coates Hire Maitland who arranged our generator at short notice and had it out to us on time, as well as donating the cost of the diesel to run the generator.

Another big thanks to Elekmark and Rick McInnes who worked to get the generator connected and operating the night before the outage.




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