Our Board

Stroud Community Lodge is built on the vision, generosity, commitment and personal dedication of an extraordinary number of volunteers over many years, including a voluntary Board of Directors.

Up to ten Board members (which includes up to two Stroud Lions Club members) can be elected at the Lodge Association’s annual general meeting each year. Board vacancies can also be filled by members of the Association throughout the year. You don’t need any particular qualifications or skills to be a Board member – as board chair Rod Williams says, you just need “common sense, a keen set of eyes, open ears and a clear mind.”  Plus we provide on-the-job training!

If you’d like to know more about joining the Lodge Board please contact:

Rod Williams (chairman)
p | 0439 193 288
e | chairman@stroudlodge.com.au

Current board members

ROD WILLIAMS (chair) |  Stroud Road Community Hall & Progress Association

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Rod Williams

Rod is a local dairy farmer with extensive experience at community, industry and landholder level via many committees, forums and discussion groups. These include NSW Farmers Dairy Committee, local and state irrigation bodies, local mining, gas and power transmission projects,  and numerous natural resource management groups.
“As my late father Don was a former resident in The Lodge, I now consider it a privilege to in some way contribute back to this incredible facility and the special and dedicated team that works within.”


BRIAN EASTOE (deputy chair)| Stroud Road Rural Fire Brigade 

Brian Eastoe

Brian is retired planner who lives at Stroud Road where he operates a small vineyard. He has been involved with Stroud Road RFS for 14 years, serves on the Duralie Community Consultation Committee and the Stroud Heritage Conservation Trust and is a member of the Stroud Historical Society.
“My interest in Stroud Community Lodge was considerably enhanced by the wonderful care given to my Father-inlaw during his time in the Lodge.”


DIANNE FOSTER| Stroud Writers

Dianne Foster

Dianne is a retired radiographer and farmer who has lived in Stroud for 15 years. She is an active member of the Stroud & District Historical Society and the Stroud Writers, and is involved with the local craft and antique co-operative. Di is also the volunteer pianist for the much-loved Musical Mornings at the Lodge.
“I am very happy to be a member of the Lodge Board and to be of any assistance that I am able to offer.:


ROBERT FROST (treasurer) | Stroud Community College

Robert Frost

Robert moved to Stroud five years ago with wife Anne to be closer to family.  A butcher by trade, Robert has been involved in a diverse range of industries and businesses including farming, theatre production, cinema and hospitality. Robert is a martial arts master and still occasionally leads treks across the Kokoda track in Papua New Guinea. He is a member of Stroud Heritage Conservation Trust and the founder of Stroud Community College.


TESS HILLEARD (secretary) | Stroud & District Historical Society

Tess Hilleard

Tess lives on 100 acres near Stroud Road with her family. She works in community engagement in the environmental field. Tess has been active in the community since arriving in Stroud 15 years ago and has helped run the Stroud Community Web for Stroud Lions Club for the past six years.
“Making a positive contribution to the community in which my children are growing up in is very important to me.”


JAYNE RUSSELL | Stroud Lions Club

Jayne Russell

Jayne was born and raised in Stroud and after many years of study and work in her chosen field of biomedical science, she moved back to Stroud in 2010 after meeting her husband. Jayne is currently a research scientist at the Calvary Mater Newcastle Hospital.
“I joined Stroud Lions this year and believe the Stroud Community Lodge is a great community achievement that I would like to be involved with into the future.”