Our Board

Stroud Community Lodge is built on the vision, generosity, commitment and personal dedication of an extraordinary number of volunteers over many years, including a voluntary Board of Directors.

Up to ten Board members (which includes up to two Stroud Lions Club members) can be elected at the Lodge Association’s annual general meeting each year. Board vacancies can also be filled by members of the Association throughout the year.

If you’d like to know more about joining the Lodge Board please contact:

Robert Frost (chairman)
p | 0418686241
e | chairman@stroudlodge.com

Current board members



Married to Anne (Bowden), we have two grown children and   four grand children. Both my Mother in Law and my Father were residents at the Lodge. A retired butcher, farmer, trek guide,   restaurateur,  cinema owner  and Martial Artist. These days I   mostly travel about presenting Martial Arts / Self Defence   Seminars. At present, I am Chairman of the International   Martial Arts Training and Accreditation Council and Patron of   the Papua New Guinea Taekwondo Association Inc.

Maxine Ince (Secretary)







Mavis Godber







Margaret Burfield






Karen Hutchinson